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Bill Hopen Résumé



2010-2011 Wedding at Cana Eight life size bronze figures with 6 large wine/water jars


Spiritual life Center, Wichita, Kansas



2009 Trancendant Christ, Copper repousse' figure 1.25 life size'


St Francis Chapel, Ball State university, Muncie, Indiana



2008 "St. Maria DeMatius with student" two life size bronze figures,


Newman University Campus Grounds


Wichita, Kansas



2007 "Father DuBois" Founders Plaza, St Mary's University and Seminary Emmitsburg Maryland



2006 "Living Water" two life size bronze figures, Jesus and the Woman at the Well, set in desert tableau with hammered copper fountain Co-Sculpted with AiQiu Hopen  Church of God, Princeton, WV



2006   “Father Dubois, Beginning”   2x life (4meters tall) Portrait of Fr Dubois, founder of St.Mary’s College, planting a wooden cross in the ground
St Mary’s College,  Emmetsburg, Md


2005 “Living Water”  two life size bronze figures, Jesus and the Woman at the Well, set in desert tableau with hammered copper fountain Co-Sculpted with AiQiu Hopen
Church of God,   Princeton, WV

2005 “St Francis Desales the Teacher”      Three Bronze figures, St Francis with two school children in modern dress
St Francis DeSales School, Morgantown, WV

2004   Spent this entire year completing and casting over 50 small original bronze works, all of them produced in bronze editions.   

2003   “Copper Tree”                      12meter by 8 meter tall oak tree, with hammered leaves and massive trunk and limbs, installed in clubhouse of “The  Oaks” golf course
The Oaks Golf Course, De Moins Iowa

2003   “Sisters in Learning”               3 life-size bronze figures, a teacher and two students, seated on limestone slabs under a shade tree
Benedictine College, Atchison, Ks

2003    “Pope John Paul VI”              Bronze bust portrait, 1.25 life, on granite pedestal
2003    “Memories of the Mount”            3 meter by 3meter bronze bas relief depicting two Catholic Sisters in the garden at Mount St Scholastica College
St Scholastic plaza, Benedictine College, Atchison, Ks

2002   Three Harts                        Three life scale bronze bucks atop a large bronze boulder, to complete 100 year old architect’s vision of artwork for peristal arch of Bavarian castle entrance
Boldt Castle, Hart Island, Thousand Isles Bridge, St. Lawrence River auth, U.S./ Canada

2001  St Joseph the Worker with Family      3 bronze partial figures, 2x life scale, St Joseph embracing Mary and child Jesus in front of a work bench with woodworking tools


2000  Maria  De  Matius                 Bronze, seated 6’ figure on an iron & copper bench
 The Adorer’s Chapel   Wichita, Kansas

1999     The Bridge Builders          Bronze, four heroic busts within of mountains, 10’wide landscape, depicting bridge built over a stream.
 L.J.Harless Community Center, Gilbert WV.                 

1998     Woman of the New Covenant       Bronze,7’ Figure, St Mary walking, mounted a large “floating” sandstone shard, below large sandstone disk.           
The Adorer’s chapel,   Wichita, Kansas


      The Bridge                        Bronze, 4’figure Mother with newborn child                              
St Vincent’s Hospital, Indianapolis, Indiana

    U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd      Portrait Bronze, 3.3 meter bronze figure mounted                      on 1.3 meter carved marble pedestal
Capitol Rotunda, Charleston, WV         

1996   Gov.Gaston Caperton            Bronze,Bas Relief On natural Boulder
Caperton Center,  Beckley, WV
1995”  “Mortality                      Bronze,6’figure natural boulder
Tamarack Pavilion, Tamarack Arts and Craft exposition center Beckley ,WV


1995    Sen. Robert Byrd                Bronze, portrait bust Heroic scale
Wheeling Jesuit College                     Wheeling,WV
1994     Santiago              Bronze, life-size Figure On marble plinth
 St.James Catholic Church, Clarksburg, WV
1994      St.Vincent De Paul            Bronze,4 Life size figures On stair pediment St.Vincent’s Children’s Services,  Brooklyn, NYC

1993       Dialogue of the Heart         Bronze, 2 Life-size figures and Bas relief panel on granite pediment
Catholic High School Baton Rouge,LA

1994    Alma McDonough                Bronze, portrait bust Heroic scale
      Wheeling Jesuit College, Wheeling, WV
1993    Dance of Appalachia               Bronze, 4 small Figures On cherry bases
Davis and Elkins College library, Elkins, WV
1992     Christ within                   Carved limestone, Life-size figure carved deeply within limestone column 2.5 meters
St. Margaret-Mary Church, Parkersburg, WV                  

1990   La Premiere Vue                  Bronze, 3 life-size Figures mounted on large boulder by river
    Gallipolis City Park, Gallipolis, Ohio
1989    Fallen Partner                    Bronze, 9’figure on 4’ granite base
      State Capitol Grounds Charleston,Wv        

1989     Sister of Healing                 ,2 Bronze figures, 1.25x life scale, set on designed brick pediment in healing garden
Our Lady of the Lake Medical Center,  Baton Rouge, LA

1988      St.Joseph and Jesus                Bronze, 2figures1.25 X life size, Joseph and young Jesus seated on large hewn beams with carpenter tools
St. .Joseph Hospital Parkersburg, WV

1987       Christa McAuliffe        Bronze, life size bust, museum garden (McAuliffe was
The American teacher who perished in the 1986space shuttle disaster with 7 other astronauts)
Sunrise Museum, Charleston, WV
1986      St.Francis of Assisi         Bronze, 8’ figure, set in garden at main hospital entrance
      St.Francis Hospital , Charleston,WV
1986      St.Michael, St.Mary, St.Joseph       3 Carved cherry Figures, each 1 meter tall
      St.Michael’s Catholic Church Vienna,WV
1985    Immigrants            Cast stone,15 8’ Figures
     Harrison County Courthouse, Clarksburg, WV

1985     Booker T.Washington        Bronze,lifesize bust
     State Capitol Grounds Charleston,WV
1984        Burial monument:        Bronze,bas relief
             Gary Huber
       High Knob Church,Sutton,WV
1983     St.Stephan       cast stone, the first martyr of Christianity, dying, reaching up to heaven asking forgiveness for those who stoned him
St Stephan’s Catholic Center, Hurricane WV

1983  Mary and Jesus               Carved cherry, 2 lifesize figures
St. Mary’s catholic Church, Wheeling, WV

1983  12 Apostles and Christ   Terra cotta and liturgical appointments
Wheeling, WV
Hornorable collectors

1982  Mother With Children     4 ton marble carving , 2 meter tall Mother and two children                          
 National Mothers day shrine, Grafton WV

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